about commission

About Workflow

1.At First , please tell me what you want to draw any illustration.
Illustration of concept,about character design,
Color scheme and overall hue,The presence or absence of background,Impression of background...Please tell me the various requirements to me .
I estimate for illustration at this point.
You and I okay,I accept this commision,and start drow rough sketch.

2.To Second, I will send you some rough sketch.
Please select one what you like from among them.
I draw a illustration that was based on the rough sketch .
If redrown is required, I will reissue that. I will send a one new rough sketch to you then.
Redrown is up to three times it will do for free .
Big fixes and , requests to the picture , please tell me in detail at this stage .
From the fourth or more ,I plus the $ 10 in the production fee for each one.

3.After the rough is determined, I will begin full-fledged execute .
If you wish , I will send the progress of work by e-mail .Or Dropbox.

4.After the painting is complete , I will send the sample on you .(sample:original size~0.3,on Watermark,72dpi)

If there are modifications , such as color and a small portion , please tell us your choice .
But, it is not possible to big changes at this stage .
Please tell me the big fixes and detailed demand in the rough stage.

If there is no problem in the finished illustration , please pay the fee .
After confirming payment , I will send the finished product to you .(original size,350dpi)
Submit work I do Dropbox, Sta.sh, in one of the G -mail.
This commision is complite!

™About Repletion™

Prices: Full-color-illustration:$200`

This price is minimum .Because I am a very poor designer .So I will not be able to undertake any more cheaply work.Sorry...

Payment:Paypal only.


I will not do: rule34(R-18), Grotesque

™please be sure to write my name when you upload illustration of commision.I am glad when you keep put a link(dA,My WEBsite) together .

™Please do not use in the commercial without permission works of the commission .Please tell me at the stage of the request whenever a picture to be used in commercial activities .

™In the case of illustrations to purchase the copyright , and the reference price of the above will be a separate fee .
™I am not good at English .But , I will do my best to draw work for you!
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